Monday, December 11, 2006

Hi, my name is Fala, that means bird or crow in Native American. You're just in time. I was just waking up from my morning nap. I'm and English Pointer and about 3-4 years old. I am also a rescue dog which makes me very lucky. Illinois Bird Dog Rescue heard about me from a shelter. I was very sad in the shelter, its a scary place to be! The shelter was told I was a stray and a family found me. They claimed I was chasing their pet rabbit and after a week they took me to a shelter. I don't talk about my pervious life, but I will say this; I'm a hunting dog I like to chase things. When you are done reading about me make sure you go to IBR's website. http://illinoisbirddogrescue.org/ OK, here is my story...

When I came into the rescue I didn't feel well. You see I was heartworm positive. But the rescue brought me in and treated me. I was only suppose to come stay here for a week and then go into a permanent foster home. Well, while I was here mom noticed something wasn't right with me. So we went back to the doctor. Mom said I was so brave. On the way home we stopped at Petco. I had never seen the inside of a petstore. Once I realized those sliding doors were not going to hurt me, I had fun in there. Since I was so brave at the doctor mom bought some extra treats for me to share with the others when we got home. The next day I got very sick, I was shaking. Mom put me in bed with her and held me. She promised me I wasn't going anywhere. She wanted me to stay with her. The next day I felt a little better and wanted to go outside a lot. We went for a very short walk. I heard discussion about letting Fala stay. And that how I ended up living here. And look how good I look now!

I love living here. There is always someone to play with. Once in a while mom has another dog stay for a few days before it goes to a foster home. When I came here Ozzie stopped by for two days. She is a lot of fun and still waiting for her furever home. This past weekend Macgregor came by. Check out there profiles and other dogs too!

This is me with Peaches. She came from the rescue about a year before I did. When I came here she taught me how to be polite and to sit and wait for my food. After I watched her and heard mom tell Peach she was a good girl I wanted mom to tell me the same thing. Now I sit and wait for my food too. She also taught me at the dog park I don't have to follow mom and dad the whole time. The last time I went I had fun and went off on my own, but once mom and dad found me I did check in after that. Peaches is a lot of fun to play with, but sometimes she gest bossy. Don't tell her I said that!!! We also live with Aria, she is a 13 year old dalmatian. I don't have any pictures with her, she doesn't like to have her picture taken anymore. She is very nice. She likes to give me a bath. When I came to live here, I wasn't feeling well, she let me sleep next to her. Mom said she doesn't like anyone next to her. She must really like me.

This is me with Socrates. He was here when I came here. He didn't come directly from IL Bird Dog, but mom said she heard about him from another member in the rescue. We have a lot of fun running around the backyard. He lets me sleep in his crates and play with his toys. He is one fun guy to live with.

Hey! I smell birds!!! There are other dogs in the rescue that would make great hunting companions. But remember, some dogs in the rescue are here because they don't have any interest in hunting or are gun shy, like Peaches. But when we go out she and I both like to point at the birds.

I'm not sure is I am going to hunt. I always forget to put my tail up, and sometimes my paw. Mom says I have my own special way of pointing. There are so many things to remember, but I do like to point at birds, and I'm not afraid of loud noises.